British Curriculum in Dubai

Empowering Parents: The British Curriculum in Dubai – Making Life a Breeze

In the past couple of years, the British Curriculum (BC) in Dubai has gained much traction for its comprehensive and empowering approach to education. As the education sector advances, the role of parents has become quite essential in building their child’s academic persona. British Curriculum in Dubai not only addresses the academic concerns of students but also identifies the crucial role that parents have in their wards.

In this informative write-up, we shall explore how the British Curriculum in Dubai empowers parents by fostering a collaborative and supportive approach to assure the holistic development of their children.

Parent’s engagement in the learning process

The British Curriculum schools in Dubai encourage parents to have active involvement in their child’s learning journey. Regular parent-teacher meetings, open houses, and communication channels help guardians stay informed about their child’s academic progress and scope of improvement. Such involvement brings in a clear know-how of the ward’s strengths and weaknesses along with learning preferences. This, in turn, allows parents to amend their support accordingly.

Parent training and workshops

To equip parents with the required skills and knowledge to support their schooling wards better, most schools with the British Curriculum in Dubai conduct training and workshops for parents or guardians. These activities and events include several aspects of parenting such as:

  • understanding the curriculum
  • knowing the learning methodologies
  • nurturing emotional quotient, and
  • assuring resilience in children.

Empowered with the above-mentioned insights, parents are taught to build a conducive learning environment at home. Ultimately, it further complements their child’s academic experience.

Engaging platforms for communication

Dubai’s British Curriculum schools are known to provide parents with access to online platforms to keep them informed about their child’s attendance at school, academic performance, and miscellaneous school activities.

Such inclusive communication platforms make the parent-school bond stronger, making it easier for parents to communicate with teachers and remain aware of their child’s school life. Parents can access information instantly to track their child’s academic progress and offer timely support.

Bettering parent-child chemistry

The British Curriculum in Dubai emphasizes collaborative learning that leads to healthy and fruitful parent-child interactions. Homework assignments and projects are designed in a way that they involve joint efforts from parents and their wards. The aim to provide such assignments or tasks is to encourage teamwork and foster strong parent-child bonds. This collaborative approach by BC schools empowers parents to actively involve in their child’s education to make learning fun.

A holistic approach to child’s academics

Dubai schools with British Curriculum are known to have a significant focus on the holistic development of students because they recognize that academic excellence alone is not sufficient for a well-groomed citizen. Parents are asked to get involved and observe several extracurricular activities and school events that are organized to promote the development of student’s social skills, fitness, creativity, and leadership qualities. Such an approach helps parents perceive and nurture the hidden talents and interests of their wards.

Education for parents

The schools that follow British Curriculum in Dubai are inclusive to cater to students with various learning needs. If parents are unaware of the British Curriculum, its syllabus, academics, and learning styles, the schools are there to support parents with special educational needs. Specialized support services, events, and symposiums are conducted and resources are provided to clear any questions. Empowering parents with the tools and knowledge about the education system ensures that every child receives the best possible support and opportunities for growth from all directions.

Parents and good governance of schools

Schools in Dubai following the British Curriculum, in some special cases, offer parents chances to take an active part in parent-teacher associations and school governance committees. As schools involve parents in decision-making processes, they not only value their suggestions but also make parents feel as being valued in taking important decisions in the development and improvement of the educational institution.


The British Curriculum in Dubai is more than just an array of academic standards; it is a holistic approach to the education system that identifies the invaluable role of parents in shaping their children’s future.

As Dubai continues to thrive as an education hub, the British Curriculum’s focus on parental empowerment is setting an exemplary standard for education systems worldwide. Through collaboration between schools and parents, students can reach their full potential and become confident, well-rounded, and responsible citizens ready to face any societal or personal challenges in the future.

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