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Make Your Child a Future-Ready with Sixth Form Facility at Arcadia

Arcadia School has been a frontrunner in providing quality education and grooming to pupils and it has been rated as a Very Good school by the Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau. Marking its excellence further, we have become one of the most popular British Curriculum schools in UAE with carefully crafted education programmes. The latest one is a sixth-form facility to provide real-life experience to nurture every student and prepare them for challenging ecosystems in the future.

Elite programs at Arcadia

Being a leading international school in the Middle East, Arcadia has been offering English National Curriculum subjects that not only educate students but also make them industry-ready and responsible citizens. The A-level programme is labelled as a global gold standard of post-16 qualifications which enables universal access to global universities for smooth transitions to other university programmes.

The sixth-form facility would provide a professional yet amicable environment to students who embark on their educational journey to success. Highly educated, professional, and experienced mentors are strongly committed to pastoral care which means every student would have the privilege of receiving personal attention and guidance to choose the best subjects and ace them.

With special attention to sixth-formers, Arcadia assures building a strong bridge that connects socio-emotional quotient with academic excellence and career-oriented programs. The students from sixth-form facilities shall prove to be responsible citizens who are highly skilled and trained to take up any challenges of society and fluctuating market trends.

Sixth-form features

Under the 6th form programme, students enrolled at Arcadia School for two years gain professional and societal maturity quickly without compromising on their academic excellence. The sixth form at Arcadia BC School offers a range of academic and vocational courses that suit different interests and abilities.

  • Students develop specific skills and knowledge in subjects they are interested in to pursue further.
  • Pupils are provided with more independence and responsibility. It is achieved through more control over their learning and schedules.
  • Student exposure is possible. They have new experiences and opportunities like extracurricular activities, job placements, mentorship, and grooming programmes.
  • Sixth formers are assured of personal and professional development by receiving guidance and feedback from mentors, teachers, and peers.
  • The program prepares learners for the transition to university or work. Thus, the sixth-form enrolment involves a curriculum about teaching how to manage their time, work in groups, perform research, and showcase ideas.

The mentors for sixth-form

Teaching faculties for sixth-form students are specially trained to pay personal attention to each enrolled student. Teachers adopt a skill-based approach to prepare pupils for grooming them for future challenges in global societies and industries in the future. Enhanced communications and interactions with each other shall prepare sixth formers to have their hands-on experience in various tasks.

Arcadia School also reserves a team of experienced A-level teachers who master challenging courses for 6-form curriculums and programs. They are specifically trained to understand students from various parts of the world with their mindset and mentality. Elite class teachers for sixth formers walk an extra mile to groom and prepare students beyond exam-specific questions and syllabus. They apply a holistic approach to transform normal students into brilliant talent that is industry-ready.

The X factor of Arcadia Sixth-Form

While other British Curriculum schools in the UAE boast sixth-form programmes as their unique initiative, Arcadia School has been labelled as the best British Curriculum school in the UAE with its flagship program of sixth form wherein programmes are specifically tailored to the capabilities of students enrolled.

When programmes are customized to students’ capability and interest, learners gain a good knowledge of the subjects without any hassle and boredom. The programmes then offer immense benefits and prepare students for further academic excellence in universities.

Arcadia’s sixth-form programme prepares students with new opportunities both inside and outside school settings and the curriculums are designed in a way that they enhance students’ cognitive skills along with other expertise such as soft skills (communications) and writing and researching at the same time.

The Extended Project Qualification offers seamless learning along with enhancing an individual’s capability to see things in multidimensional ways to solve challenges even in stringent conditions. Arcadia also offers a specific course named BTEC pathway that is more vocational, customized to those learners who are interested in in-depth practical knowledge of the chosen project or subject.

Quick program for dynamic skills

Excellent opportunities woven with skilful learning under academic excellence are the motto of the sixth-form curriculum programme. You can enrol in this special treat by Arcadia School and we assure you that you have chosen the best British Curriculum school in the UAE.

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