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The Role of Parental Involvement in Fostering Academic Excellence in Children

There have been many extensive researches conducted on parental involvement in fostering academic excellence in their children. Such active participation of parents shall boost academic performance and holistic growth in young learners. Arcadia School believes in enhancing students’ performance through parental involvement and customized education through the British Curriculum in UAE. In this short guide, we shall understand how parents can be actively involved in their children’s academic tasks and routines for a better future.

Why is parental involvement crucial in a child’s education?

Innumerable studies have been conducted to prove better growth of children in their education and grooming with the parents actively participating in their school and curriculum activities.

One of the studies shows that parent’s interest in their child’s education will improve the child’s performance, bring down absenteeism, and restore confidence to do better in grades. Arcadia School, through its regular meetings and programs, insists parents actively participate in their children’s activities at the school and also at their homes.

How do parents influence their children’s studies?

Undoubtedly, frequent and friendly interactions with parents motivate their children’s sense of competency. Child psychologists also opine that simple appreciation such as kissing on the cheeks and hugging kids can make them feel loved, and cared, for and thus make young learners compassionate toward their fellow students.

Parent involvement in fostering a child’s academic excellence is also evident as it boosts the cognitive development of a child through various rewards and appreciations at home. When guardians take an interest in day-to-day activities at the school, children would have a sense that their parents are involved in everything they do. Parental involvement influences several aspects of students’ educational years –

  • Academic achievements
  • Behavioural patterns
  • Attendance rates
  • Social growth
  • Emotional growth
  • Long-term educational achievements
  • Overall performance
  • Manners and etiquettes

How to get involved in your child’s education?

A study proves that parental involvement would bring fruitful results in a child’s education and academic achievements. But the question is how to do that without hampering a child’s schedule. The most important factor is to keep yourself neutral and smartly get involved in their activities because children should not take your ‘involvement’ as ‘meddling’. Here are a few tips for parents to be involved in the education of their children.

Know your child’s mentors and teachers

Teachers are the helmsmen of your child’s ship on their academic journey. Introducing yourself and attending parent-teacher meetings regularly would help you know about their masters. Exchanging contacts and then staying in touch will help both parties to know each other and communicate regularly about the children.

Asking activities regularly

Almost every day, asking what happened in the school today would give a sense of awareness to children who will think that they need to give a report at home after school hours. This can make them attentive in classrooms because they will have to keep themselves ready telling the activities and lessons that happen in the classroom.

Knowing the difficulty levels

Not every child is blessed with a brilliant mind; hence, parents should involve themselves in asking the difficulty level of the topics or subjects taught in the school on a regular basis. For instance, if a child gives a hint that a specific topic they could not understand today when it was being taught in the school, the parents can take a note and inform the teachers in the parent-teacher meeting. Parents can pay special attention whenever the child talks about a difficult topic.

Help out with the homework

Homework on a regular basis helps children excel in specific topics or subjects. Regular homework ensures that children are active in their studies and understand topics. Self-exercises are helpful as well when there is no homework. Parents can indirectly observe how their children perform exercises in homework and they can help their child a bit whenever they get stuck. This will boost children’s confidence about doing things on their own.

Attending school events

Arcadia arranges several extracurricular activities for children of all grades to ensure that ‘all study and no work’ does not make Jack a dull boy! Attending sports events, skits, drama, music, and other cultural and festive activities at schools with children will help parents learn many things about their children. Children, on the other hand, will also feel motivated seeing their parents supporting and applauding their participation in the activities.

Learning about various programs

The best British Curriculum school in UAE such as Arcadia offers several programs, certifications, and education options at the premises. A unique program, for instance, Sixth-Form, can do wonders for children who want to take a special route for their education pathway. Learning about various education or study programmes for children will help parents think and select the best suitable path for their children in academic excellence and career growth.

All in all, parental involvement in fostering children’s educational success is something you cannot ignore. Not only is it scientifically proven but also recommended by educationists to ensure that your child becomes a responsible citizen and climbs the ladder of success with ease in any field they take.

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