Why is embracing entrepreneurship in education so important?

It’s estimated that approximately 18% of the global workforce is self-employed. These people started, created and are building businesses that they run. Every day they’re attempting to grow their businesses, generate new ideas to help increase sales and come up with creative ways to be as resourceful as they can be. Over the last 10 years, this statistic has risen and is predicted to grow. Therefore, approximately 2 out of every 10 children at The Arcadia Preparatory school are likely to be self-employed in the future.

As a school, we are fully aware that we will help to create more entrepreneurs than other well-known professions. We’re also fully aware that we have a responsibility to develop the next generation of ‘intrapreneuers’. An intrapreneur is an individual who acts like an entrepreneur but in an already existing business or a government organisation. An intrapreneur is a leader within these organisations, a manager, a teacher, a coach, a team player, a creative spark, a motivator and a superb communicator. It’s these individuals, which take businesses and organisations forward.

So it’s very likely your child will become an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur and because of this, we as a school embrace entrepreneurship in education, not because it’s a hot topic or a fad, but because it’s vital to equip your child with the skills they need for the future.

Embracing entrepreneurship in education has additional benefits. It encourages those who take part to reflect on their strengths, weaknesses and key values. It can help address practical skills such as oral and written communication, and skills such as being creative, being able to influence and negotiate, and being flexible and open-minded. It can encourage a ‘can do’ confidence, a creative questioning, and a willingness to take risks. All life skills necessary for whatever path a student takes.

These skills can be enhanced the first day a student walks through the school gates, by continually and repeatedly encouraging innovation in and outside the classroom. You will see this by the creative projects your children are involved in. You will see this when my team at 7billionideas come and visit and inspire your children to think big. You will see this in everything we do at The Arcadia Preparatory School as we ‘Nurture Lifelong Learning’ and unlock the entrepreneurial spirit that exists in every child. It’s for these reasons, why we embrace entrepreneurship in education.


  • A really innovative and praiseworthy academic concept and will certainly assist and encourage student having inherent aptitude to develop skills needed to become future entrepreneurs from the day they join the Arcadia preparatory Scool and I admire and congratulate Arcadia school for introducing this innovative concept in school’s carriculum.

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