The Benefits of Music lessons for children.

Learning a musical instrument is not only a fun an exciting activity but also develops important life skills and costs confidence. Whether your child is a budding Sinatra or Josh Groban or not studying music at an early ago is known to have mane advantages and benefits.

Confidence building

Finding a creative outlet on a musical instrument or when singing and overcoming the challenges of learning new repertoire and songs as well as going through the process of learning songs and finally performing them builds self esteem, confidence and is empowering. Over my years of teaching music I have seen the quietest shyest students eventually perform on stage with gusto and aplomb and radiation confidence.

Boosting brain power

Many studies have shown that even just listening to music can boost the brains capacity for learning. The Mozart Effect was popular for the same reasons. Did yo also know that studying music stimulates part of the brain linked to maths skills and cognitive abilities which can give your child an advantage at school.

Social Skills

Singing in a band or choir can be a great way to enhance social skills and encourage peer interaction. Patience and perseverance skills are developed as are discipline and focussed attentions skills through repeated practise to complete a piece of music.

Creative Self Expression

With many core subjects focussing on learning and retaining knowledge, music is a great was to show creative expression. With so many different instruments and technology linked to music, these days the sky is the list for making music.


Remembering notes and what order to play them in as well as recall lyrics and the melodies for sings hers develop short and long term memory which is beneficial for other school subjects too.

Cross cultural awareness

Students here in Dubai are exceptionally lucky as they are exposed to many different cultures and styles of music. Listening to performances, watching shows and learning songs in different languages enhances cross cultural understanding and of course develops language skills.

Some interesting facts

Recent studies have shown that children who learn the piano once a week improve their spatial temporal skills 34% more than those who did not. Studies have shown that children who receive academic awards at school are more likely to have learned a musical instrument than those who did not.

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