Building Leaders

Building Leaders: Extracurriculars & Life Skills in Top UK-Based Schools


The educational setup in leading schools of Dubai has been efficiently catering to the extracurricular needs of a student, in view of how it is claimed to improve the general image and efficiency of their students. Though many academics prefer that the student focus on studies primarily, many UK curriculum schools in UAE have started to deviate from this thought as it is what is called for by time. Here is how many popular schools have started adapting practices to boost students’ potential and imprint valuable life skills alongside the curriculum.


Surprisingly Effective Extracurriculars


Sports and games have been a crucial part of the school experience for several years now, and there is a good amount of reason to support their predominance. According to several experts in the field, sports have always been a great way to get students to involve themselves actively and build essential skills like teamwork and leadership, all while having a great time.

With top-notch facilities to support the student’s interests in a wide array of sports, the UK curriculum schools in UAE have started paying attention to keeping their students active. An active body often reflects in a busy mind, simultaneously improving academic progress.

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Music and Theatre

Modern schools have now deviated from the classical ways and house various music and art options. Many schools in Dubai, especially UK-based ones, have their bands and theatre clubs which perform regularly.

Participating in activities that bring out creativity helps students discover their potential across different streams. More importantly, working with their peers and managing the stage also helps the student explore new options and their career choices.


Art and Literature

Recently, many schools have resorted to including innovative learning approaches within their school curriculum. This has also been welcomed by introducing the young pupils to activities like drawing, sketching, and creative writing as part of their academic curriculum. 

Including such activities as extracurriculars helps the students explore the available resources and discover their potential in relatively unnoticed areas of interest. This could be an important life lesson for the future, as hobbies become essential in a busy environment to ensure a healthy balance between profession and personal life.


Arcadia: Where students understand life

At Arcadia, we help them develop skills that are unique to an individual, and students get to showcase their individualities to potential universities and recruiters. This makes our students stand out from the mundane crowd with ease. Moreover, such clubs, societies, and services often add to the skills that will help them navigate their life better.

The students at Arcadia, UAE, are exposed to various extracurricular activities and workshops, which boost their records and improve their image to the interviewers. We also encourage healthy peer interactions and mentorship systems to ease their experience at school as they steadily march towards success in life.



According to concerned professionals, extracurricular activities are one of the best ways to impart valuable life lessons like time management, social skills, self-confidence and leadership. With several activities available in UAE schools with a UK curriculum, the students are now being slowly educated about the importance of having additional interests and extracurriculars to maintain the optimum balance to bring out their potential.


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